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Thus, entropy is a measure of freedom, and a measure of entropy in the modern economy is money

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"Thus, entropy is a measure of freedom, and a measure of entropy in the modern economy is money. However, it is not the money spent but the money that can be spent. Freedom grows only in the case when there is money that we can spend at our disposal and if there is some uncertainty. Squirrel  running in the wheel is not free, despite the constant movement. And the cash flow is not a measure of freedom and opportunities.

We can say that money is the "canned" entropy. Thanks to the money exchange process is stretched over time .Giving your product, a member of the customary exchange gets another one and thereby increases his entropy. But with the money he can get money for his goods, the money that he will spend on any goods at any time afterwards. Moreover, his entropy increases at the moment when he receives the money, and remains so when he buys a product for money.  A product just modifies, turning money into a product.

Entropy level of society corresponds to the value of the money supply. But it is adequate. Money itself is not the entropy. Therefore, if the same level of entropy doubles the money supply, the value of money is reduced by half. Turnover of money does not affect its purchasing power. We can mentally stop all payments and mentally ask all citizens to give all their money (and, of course, securities) for the purchase of something very important. All the collected amount will be equal to the total entropy of the state, and this will be assessed as the degree of economic development.

Contrary to popular belief among economists, accelerating the turnover of funds has no effect on their value directly. Imagine that the rate of turnover of money  is doubled, and the money supply drop by half. According to the ideas of classical economic theory, the purchasing power of the monetary unit must remain the same and the exchange rate also should not change. For the most part nothing has to change. But if you need again to combine all funds to purchase something extremely urgent, the collected amount will be two times less than the same. The country is impoverished by half, by half its capabilities, its freedom and its entropy. But scientists and economists did not notice this."

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