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Entropy is not only a universal measure of development, but also a measure of the competitiveness and survival

"Entropy is not only a universal measure of development, but also a measure of the competitiveness and survival. If there are some structures or communities struggling for the same resource, the winner is the one who is more powerful, has more entropy. Greater entropy can withstand more powerful enemies and natural elements. Therefore, people throughout history have learned to create different structures and the communities, because it is a way to concentrate and unite entropy.

 Since we are more interested in economic processes, we shall consider the production company .From the standpoint of personnel working in it, the principle of investment takes place here too. Employees give away their freedom to get a lot of freedom in the form of salaries and free time .The company concentrates entropy, and this allows it to achieve greater success than a single individual can achieve, or other organizations with lower entropy.

Thus, in many respects, the success of the company, and the level of  its entropy depends on how much entropy will be given by each employee .If an employee performs his work not well: not accurately and  not according to instructions ,not occupied, always thinking about things not related to work, he  will give a small  amount of entropy. If he follows the instructions exactly, and all his thoughts and efforts are directed to perform his tasks, he is investing the company the maximum amount of freedom and his entropy. If all employees do the same, the company receives the maximum amount of entropy, which increases its capabilities .As a result, employees also receive a large volume of entropy.

 A modern man invests his freedom not only into the company, in which  he works, but also into the state, and other structures, formal and informal, that we call institutions, and  as a result to get a greater freedom."

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