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Economists trying to influence real value by paper symbols of real cost are like a dog chasing its own tail


"The cause of the current economic crisis is that no one understands the essence of money. The general feeling is that money is the equivalent of something important, but no one knows what. These pieces of paper symbolize something.  But what? Influence, power, possibilities, warranty, fun ... what exactly? No one really knows.

Money - only a shadow cast by a substance that controls life of people. But without knowing what kind of substance it is, people worship its shadow. Economists and politicians narrow this shadow, then expand it, then shift to the left, then to the right. But these actions are meaningless and ineffective, because they distract from the main thing, which is the true value of everything.

Economists  trying to influence real value by paper symbols of real cost are like a dog chasing its own tail. Ignoring the establishment of a logical theory of value, has led to the fact that all the problems in the economy one tries to solve with the help of monetary means. But to influence the real economy and the real value trying to manipulate with money is the same as to affect the cause by consequence. Short-term improvements for this may be due to unsound hopes, but these hopes will soon to be destroyed."


Check how much you are willing to change and be changed. How much are you willing to pay to learn something new, but with no guarantee that this knowledge will be useful to you? The dominant ideology of the consumer considers nonsense to pay for uncertainty. This position is the primary cause of economic crises, stunning the world economy. Uncertainty - this is freedom, and freedom - a basic condition of any development. After paying about $ 3 for being the first to read this manifesto, you will learn not only to criticize the views of modern economists. Andrey Shvets offers his theory of value, and economic theory based on it. His conclusions are, in many ways, contrary to conventional ,but they help to explain the economic processes taking place today, and propose measures to improve the efficiency of the economy. MANIFESTO OF THE NEW ECONOMIC THEORY

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