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... to help the most successful has proved that they can multiply the investment.


If you are interested in my theory, outlined in the MANIFESTO OF THE NEW ECONOMIC THEORY then I can write a book or an article for your order to be published in your journal.

Suppose that the government has resorted to printing money. Most often this is done in order to overcome any crisis. First, as a rule the most money is received by structures which need it most of all. That is, the structures that either do not add entropy, or do it in a minimal volume. Taking into account the subsequent inflation, it is hidden redistribution of entropy from those who know how to receive it, to those who can not.

But if you need to get out from under the collapse, who do you trust  your pick and other tools? Those who know how to use them and walk quite well, or those who have never used them and could barely walk? Of course, the money issue should be directed to the most successful projects and companies. No matter how paradoxical it may sound: to help the most successful has proved that they can multiply the investment. But in fact the opposite is reality- the state takes away the tools of those who would use them efficiently and gives them to those who can not. Can  you predict the effectiveness of such emissions?

They often  say about the impossibility of refusing to help unprofitable businesses because of the danger of rising unemployment and increasing social tensions. But then it is even more necessary to provide financial support to profitable businesses  so that they  can expand and create new jobs.

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