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Promotion of uniform economic growth should be prohibited, as extremist

The role of public opinion in governing a state is increasing. But to use public opinion in managing economic processes now, would be equal to economic suicide. This is not surprising because all the media assess economic processes and actions of politicians in terms of a uniform increase in GDP, and justice is assessed in terms of equal distribution of income.

Then public opinion affects the action of politicians, and in the end it leads to economic crises. As methods of influence in the economy were not so sophisticated and effective, misconceptions about the economic processes could not cause any great harm, but now these erroneous views can be fatal. Therefore the economic ideology is a very important activity of the state .The basis of this ideology can be the following:

The uneven distribution of income - the force pushing forward the whole of  the society  People should love and appreciate their billionaires who are deprived of a normal life for the sake of prosperity of the whole society. 

Promotion of uniform economic growth should be prohibited, as extremist. False ideals of this growth, are pushing the government on monetary measures that prevent the normal development of the economy. And when the "monetary fog" dissipates, the crowds are demanding the resignation of governments, because they inspired with: the economic downturn is not natural, and there must be guilty. And  as it is known the guilty are to be punished.

Everything develops in cycles. Although, of course, the cycles may overlap .But the main idea of growth and development – freedom and comfort  should be sacrificed first, so that to get it at a higher level, and then ... again donate. The need to periodically sacrifice freedom and comfort,  must be understood and accepted. Just as the idea of uncertainty should be adopted. To move uniformly and predictably can lead only to slaughter, whereas the free development involves trial and error, ups and downs. Freedom is uncertainty in itself.

The desire to change something in the life of every citizen, in the activities of each organization should be cultivated.

There may not be economic development without deficit and sense of dissatisfaction.

Society should be able to continuously monitor key economic processes. Citizens should be freely informed about change in the following parameters: the amount of money supply, inflation, hidden inflation, the profitability of enterprises and industries. And you should forget about the GDP.

And to sum it up: you have to do away with the dominant consumer ideology of gradual and smooth consumption of more and more products, without risk, uncertainty, without ups and downs, without freedom.

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Andrey Shvets

Chapter1.Theory of Value
Chapter 2. Return and the increase of entropy
Chapter 3.Entropy, GDP, money supply
Chapter 4. Error of  Keynes
Chapter 5. Inflation
Chapter 6. Market equilibrium
Chapter 7. The concentration of entropy
Chapter 8. Entropy traps
Chapter 9. Inequality
Chapter 10. Monetary measures
Chapter 11. Economic crises
Chapter 12. Economic ideology

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