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About surplus value with humor (fragment of "The Next Wonderland")

 " The second man in the other corner looked very excited. He was taking tea after the sandwich noisily.
- Hello, my friend! – He shook my hand so vigorously that the crumbs from his lips flied off in all directions. He noticed the coin in my hands and his eyes began to shine. – Do you know what you’re having?
- Money.
- It’s the work of men which is equivalent to the given coin. Let’s admit that you’ve received it for your work. And here’s mine and I’ve received it for my work, – he took out the same coin. – Now we’ll exchange them. It’s the fair exchange. Isn’t it?!
- As though it is. What for one exchanges then?
- Here you are! - He was not listening to me. – If the capitalist spends the certain sum of money and receives the greater one, he has paid to his workers less than he should pay «fairly». The variation in prices, that is the surplus value, he has put in his pocket. What a swindler! – He said it to the next corner.
He embraced me tightly and came back to his sandwiches. I understood that he was giving me a piece advice, so I went to the third corner. The third man was drinking coffee and fingering his beard nervously. He got up from the armchair, greeted me and shook hands with me.
- No, it is impossible!
- What do you mean? 
- They’re just robbing us! – He looked angrily at the second man. -  In order to work and recreate at the enterprise the worker requires not so much: the minimum quantity of meal and clothes, the dwelling and the transport. In the case of a fair exchange, his wages should be equal only to the fulfillment of his work. However, the wages is sufficient just for some extra consumer’s purchases, trips, hobbies and entertainments. It means that they have recovered the greater cost from their work than it should be. The surplus value and the exploiting of the capitalists by the proletarians are present! "

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